Considering a retirement living community? What’s the next step

SUGGESTION 1: Visit different retirement communities to see what you like

Retirement villages offer residents many benefits from physical security to eventful days spent in the company of friends but it is important to remember that the decision to move into a village is primarily a lifestyle choice and one that requires patience.

While communal life can be immensely rewarding, a few well-timed, open-ended questions can quickly reveal the essential character of a retirement village. Most villages and resorts will have specific open days, those who don’t will most likely offer you the opportunity to visit the property by appointment.

Visiting a community is the easiest way to determine if a potential community is the right fit for you. Make sure you talk to residents and staff when you visit to get a sense of a village’s atmosphere and daily life. A happy well-maintained village should be your starting point. Once you have found a few suitable options, you can narrow your choice with more specific enquiries.

But first things first, you will need to work out where you would be happy to live. Once you have a few locations in mind you can use the directory at the back of this publication to see what communities are available in those areas and start exploring.

To maximise your chances of finding the perfect place, take your time and do your homework. Visit as many villages as you can to find the residential situation best suited to your needs and pace of life.

SUGGESTION 2: Gather information and ask questions at a Retirement Village Expo

As with any important decision, research is imperative so look for open days and fairs; any opportunity that allows you to meet the residents, have a look at the facilities and gather as much information as you need to assess a village or resort.

Retirement Village Expos
Days and even weeks of research can be accomplished in just a few hours by attending one of the Retirement Village Expos — all with free admission.

A great place to start your research is the Retirement Village Expos. These unique events are operated right throughout the year in different locations including Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, South Coast, Forster Tuncurry, Port Macquarie, Ballina, Sunshine Coast, and more.

The Retirement Village Expos are free events that provide an opportunity to meet directly with representatives from many different villages and resorts, all under one roof.

Devoted exclusively to retirement villages and over-55s resorts, visitors to the expo can ask questions and gather information regarding all aspects of retirement village and resort living.

They are designed to save you time by putting you in touch with various villages and resorts across Australia in a friendly obligation-free environment. If you, or a loved one, is considering the move to a retirement village or resort, then these events are not to be missed.

For more information about the Retirement Village Expos, including event times and locations, visit or call (02) 8212 4188.