One of the benefits of retirement is the freedom to change your lifestyle. Now is the time to think about what you really want from life and how to get it.

For many people that means enjoying the company of family and friends, travelling more, or pursuing their creative passions. For others, it’s an opportunity to develop a new hobby or put a dent in their golf handicap.

But all of these endeavours take time. Who wants to spend it cleaning the gutters when you could be following your dreams?

One of the greatest attractions of retirement living is that it is very low maintenance. Village staff take care of the landscaping and home repairs so you can relax and focus on the activities that you bring you joy — and peace of mind.

House and garden work is backbreaking and sometimes dangerous. Weeding and digging are hard on joints and, after a certain age, climbing a ladder is an act of bravery. There comes a time when the effort outweighs the reward.

A 2017 study by National Seniors Australia found that the physical difficulty and expense of home and garden maintenance is the main motivator for downsizing.

It’s also one of the top three reasons that seniors choose to live in a retirement village, along with independence and safety, according to the 2013 McCrindle Baynes Village Census report.

It’s hardly surprising. In a retirement village, you can appreciate the beauty of a garden without having to do the gardening; swim every day without a thought for the pool filter.

You can relax in a well-kept home unburdened by fears of a sudden major repair bill or a dreaded DIY disaster. In a village, professionals do the work for you so you can leave work behind and enjoy a true retirement.