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Living the Life provides information and insight into independent living options in retirement communities, throughout Australia. Retirement villages, over 50s resorts, over 55s resorts, lifestyle resorts, luxury retirement apartments, land lease communities, and independent living units (ILUs). What they are, how they work, who they’re for. Living the Life explores various independent living communities and shares some of the resident’s journeys and experiences. Real people with real stories.

The stories and information in this website have been sourced from the printed edition of Living the Life. Whilst not all the printed content has been used, we have included the resident’s stories, 9 reasons why retirement village and resort living is good for you, and other useful information about living in a retirement community. As new editions of Living the Life are published, new content will be added to this website.

Living the Life has separate printed editions for NSW ACT, QLD, VIC TAS, SA and WA. This annual publication is distributed free in major metro newspapers across capital cities and regional areas throughout the year. For information on publish dates, or to receive a copy of the Living the Life printed publication in the post, please email or phone (02) 8212 4188.

The information contained in this website is designed to provide general advice only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, it should not be relied upon solely for decision making. Anyone looking to make the move into a retirement village or over-50s resort should always seek legal and financial advice before making a decision.