Don’t get confused, retirement villages are not aged care

Dispelling the myths about retirement villages and resorts

Aged Care and retirement living are often confused but they are very different entities.

Aged Care denotes assisted living for seniors who are too frail or unwell to live independently.

Retirement living is a lifestyle choice for retirees who wish to live in a community with other like-minded people. Retirement living is defined by lifestyle, not care.

While many retirement village operators provide different levels of care or offer Aged Care within their communities, Aged Care is a separate sector and governed by different legislation.

Retirement villages and resorts can provide services to residents and offer amenities like swimming and exercise facilities, internet access, and recreation centres for social activities, but they are legally and financially distinct from Aged Care.

Retirement villages or independent living units are regulated by state and territory governments, while Aged Care is regulated and subsidised by the Australian Government.

Aged care facilities provide support to senior Australians who require daily personal assistance and are unable to live independently. They are traditionally smaller in size than retirement villages and typically provide residents with laundry and cleaning services, meals, medication and assistance with personal care.

Retirement villages cater to seniors who can, and wish to, live independently with the added safety and social benefits these communities provide.

Buying into a retirement village can be a significant financial investment but it’s important to remember that it is primarily a lifestyle choice with low-cost to luxury options available.

After a lifetime of hard work, retirement communities let residents look forward to a relaxing retirement, free from the worries of maintaining a family home and garden while enjoying the company of like-minded peers at the same stage of life.

Close to 200,000 retirees have embraced village living. Visit a retirement village or resort today to see for yourself what makes the village lifestyle so special.